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10 regalos GRATIS para el DIA DEL PADRE

Sunday is Father’s Day, and you are still searching for a gift...

Don’t stress over it. The best gifts you and your family can give him are free. For sure, you already have them with you or at home.


1- A super long tight hug. If dad is not with you, a virtual hug will work too.

2- A homemade card. Dad will like it more than a bought one for sure! Use any paper you have, even magazine or newspapers. Decorate it with buttons, seeds, pasta, yarn, hardware and anything you have leftover from the school year.



3- Make a poem where you express what dad means to you.


4- Bring him coffee in bed. Decorate a tray with a pile of rocks and a sign that says: My Dad Rocks



5- Bake a cake (just eggs, flour and sugar).


6- Take some sweets you have at home and tie them to the remote control with the message: Okay. You can have the remote! Happy Father’s Day!


7- Download Memoplay in your phone or tablet and play a memory game with grandpa or daddy over distance while you video chat.


8- Take dad for a walk, bike ride, picnic or to the park.


9- Gold medals for dad


10- Every hour tell dad a story about something you remember doing with him and tell dad how much you love him.


Remember ...

Your TIME and your LOVE are the most special gifts you can give to your DAD!


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